A kite is stuck between twigs and leaves
the wind is stronger, smarter.

There’s a thin desire to rewind the clock
and change the events’s turn.

But then again, I would miss this opportunity of self-reflection.
In this period of hiatus, I am reconnecting with my soul.

Try to be what & who I am
live life in my own terms

These eyeglasses obscure more vision than what it is intended for.

Passioncoke xxx
circa 2013

It takes time for wounds to heal,

for memories to be forgotten,

to flush you out of my system…

But I will get there,

I swear, everyday I will keep trying…


– ┬áPassioncoke xxx

We were both messes when we met

toussled, a little broken.

Everyone’s talking behind our back

we cannot come up when both of us are down.

But despite of it all

we are each other’s missing links…



– passioncoke xxx



If one kiss is what it takes to shut you up

I would give it…

But words have been said

words to shut me out, push me away from you…

I know deep in my gut

You meant the opposite

But what to do with a defensive heart?

If a kiss would turn it all around

I would do it…

But my own heart already cowered

taking solace that I can move on

kick everything under my bed of regrets…

Hoping another love could outshine ours

… or what I thought we have…


– Passioncoke xxx


She lets you consume her
From the bones to her soul…
She wouldn’t ask lesser of you.

Bones, blood, and stone

Be ready
For she sees you worthy of it all


– Passioncoke xxx


Right now, I’ve decided that this is goodbye…

Although there’s a churning mix of sadness and regret,

I have to leave my comforts and its pulling me in —

to see and feel the unknown.


The uncertainty is scary.

But I will see you soon…

Hopefully, not defeated.



x Passioncoke x


I understand how you feel frustrated trying to figure me out.
I appreciate the concern. I get frustrated at myself too.

But there’s one thing I can’t tell you…
I know exactly why I’m not making an effort trying to meet someone else.

I’m only interested in you.
And I can’t let you know that.
Because in the end it wouldn’t matter.

It’s not possible.
You’ve conveyed a lot of times that its not possible.

So I just want to stay as close as possible – though defeated – but at least I have you as a friend.

Even Though you infuriate me a lot of times, god, I’m only interested in you…
Passioncoke xxx




Goodbyes are the hardest
But we’re letting you go for a good reason
We will be thousands of miles from each other
but from this day forward, your new adventure awaits…

I will hold dear to my heart
That you are a friend for life
No distance can change that.

Make new wonderful memories
and I will make mine.

I know that there’s a place reserved for me
till we meet again.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see you soon.


Passioncoke xxx
Sofitel So Sentosa Singapore

How do you open yourself
To a world that would eat you whole
As soon as it sees you vulnerable…
Should you just close your eyes
Take a jump, expect a hard fall
Or just dip half of your feet
Take it right back when something nips at you

I guess you should choose which one has a better story worth telling in the end.
– Passioncoke xxx
The Kala Resort
Koh Samui

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